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Tutorpedia is founded on the belief that every student can benefit from a tutor, and that the relationship formed between tutor and student is the cornerstone to effective learning.

We at Tutorpedia are dedicated to providing students of all ages, grade levels, abilities, and incomes with exceptional learning experiences that will not only help you do better in school, but will also give you the intellectual tools to become lifelong learners, and be successful in school, work, and life. Students who work with Tutorpedia see results. Our students consistently report an increase in their grades and standardized test scores.

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Seth Linden founded Tutorpedia at the end of 2005 after years of teaching, tutoring, and research in the field of primary and secondary education. Seth’s initial inspiration was to connect students with tutors more easily. “I found plenty of tutors, and plenty of students who needed and wanted tutoring, but not a very effective way of connecting the two. I hoped Tutorpedia would bridge this disparity in access by providing one resource where students could find exceptional tutors to meet any academic need they faced.

In the summer of 2007, the state of California approved Tutorpedia’s application to be a district-sponsored tutoring provider. In the following two years, Tutorpedia’s SES program provided over 4,400 hours of personalized tutoring to over 200 low-income students at under-performing schools for free, through the No Child Left Behind Act. This work represented Seth’s firm conviction to help students in need regardless of socioeconomic status.

In the summer of 2009, Tutorpedia expanded its repertoire of services and launched its first project-based workshops. That fall, after David Taus came on board as Tutorpedia’s Director of Operations and Education, Tutorpedia began to deliver free talks to schools and educational organizations on a variety of topics. It was at this time that the Tutorpedia Foundation was established in order to provide low income students with better and free access to high quality tutoring and other educational resources.

Tutorpedia now has over 60 exceptional tutors, offers over 30 enrichment and skills-based workshops, and delivers several talks on a variety of educational topics. Our tutors have worked with over 800 students in over 110 Bay Area schools, and we have no intention of slowing down. Even though we are growing in significant and exciting ways, we ground all our work in what is most important: the academic and intellectual success that students experience, bolstered by the relationships that they have built with their tutor.

Our Values

We believe that if every student had a tutor, they would do better in school, college wouldn’t be so tough, and that learning might be a little more fun! Tutoring is not just for those who need to move from an A to an A+, or for those who are failing. Tutoring certainly helps those who fall into either of the former cases, but personalized academic help is also for those who want to raise their grade from a C to a B, or want to perform better on tests, or want to learn better study and organizational skills. In short, we believe that everyone can benefit from having a tutor.

We make it our business to try to meet the needs of every student. This, to us, means being ale to provide the highest quality tutoring services available. It also means that we strive to provide this important service to all students. To that end, about 15% of Tutorpedia’s revenue is used to fund programs and tutoring for low-income students through our nonprofit arm, the Tutorpedia Foundation.

Tao of Tutorpedia

Our work with students centers on the question: what have you ever wanted to learn? It is our goal to help students answer this essential question by helping them learn what they want, how they want. Tutorpedia’s philosophy, what we call The Tao of Tutorpedia, rests on three pillars: Collaborative Relationships, Innovative Expertise, and Holistic Vision.

  Collaborative Relationships Innovative Expertise Holistic Vision
Tutoring Level

We value personal attention

  • 1‐on‐1 tutoring model
  • Student‐centered approach
  • Regular communication with parents and teachers
  • Small group workshops designed around student interests
  • Open and honest feedback, dialogue, and evaluation

We ground pedagogy and philosophy in research‐based best practices

  • Content aligns with state standards
  • Instruction aligns with latest cognitive research
  • Emphasis on alternative forms of assessment
  • Authentic, embedded learning experiences
  • The new R's ‐ real, relevant, rigorous, relationships

We prepare students to become productive members of society

  • Skill building
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Intrinsic value of learning
  • “Shared experience” through 21st century technology
Business Level

We coordinate efforts among all stakeholders to improve education

  • Free access to original content and best practices
  • Free resource library of outside content and websites
  • Free education seminars and speaking engagements
  • Transparency in goals and business practice
  • Flat internal hierarchy

We are highly credentialed and experienced educators

  • Graduated from top universities
  • Many years of tutoring and classroom experience
  • Background in teaching, not business
  • Investment in ongoing professional development
  • Pursuit of progressive models of education reform

We believe that education is a means to achieving equity and social justice

  • DedicationDedication to closing the achievement gap
  • ImprovingImproving access to college
  • SupplementalSupplemental Education Services
  • TutorpediaTutorpedia Foundation, 501c3
  • ModelingModeling our beliefs at all levels of functioning