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Not only is our tutor very skilled in the various fields in which he teaches, he is also personable and kind. Diane J
The experience of Tutorpedia tutors and their leadership has been amazing for us. Natalie
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Our kids really got the support they needed from Tutorpedia, and they really benefitted from that.Mignone

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Our tutors have developed a mastery of explaining complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms to students at all learning levels. We have over 70 tutors in the North Bay, East Bay, San Francisco, Peninsula and South Bay.
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Vinney L

B.A. Human Biology, Stanford Biology, Pre-Calculus, Spanish

Sy Kim

BA English & Literature, University of MD SAT, ACT

Sheila B

BS Nutritional Science, Cornell Biology, Algebra I

Frequently Asked Questions

Our tutors come to your home, or meet you in a safe and comfortable location of your choice.
We generally work with students in grades K-12, but also routinely work with college students and adults. Our tutors have taught everything from Kindergarten to college level Physics and the GRE.
Effective September 1-- Our standard hourly rate is $105/hr for 1-1 Academic tutoring for any subject through the high school level. The rate is $115/hr for all test prep, and AP/College level tutoring. To learn more about our rates, including those for small group and workshops, see our Pricing Page.
Yes, we are happy to work with small groups of 2-3 students for tutoring. Often, this is a good solution for friends, siblings, or those looking for a slight reduction in cost. You can see our rates for small group tutoring on our pricing page. We also offer a number of workshops that can accommodate groups of up to 12 students.
Tutorpedia has a wide array of enriching small group project-based learning experiences, what we are calling workshops. Our workshops are designed to be fun and engaging, but also to build essential skills that students can use in school, work, and life. Every workshop culminates in a final project or performance that students share with peers, parents, friends, and the world. We have topics in all major content areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language), but also have workshops in the visual and performing arts, test preparation, and others that just can't be confined to simple categories. We hope you'll take the time to browse our collection of workshops.
Academic Coaching is our way of explaining how our tutors do more than just help students with homework. We prepare, support, and mentor our students through their most challenging classes and academic decisions. In this capacity, our tutors improve student's confidence, strengthen their study and organizational skills, and increase their overall academic achievement. This is only part of our holistic vision of what learning and education should be.
All of our tutors are hired after meeting a rigorous set of criteria: all of our tutors have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and at least some teaching/tutoring experience under their belt before coming aboard. Tutors must go through a multi-step interview process, pass a thorough background check, and teach a successful mock lesson as part of the screening process. Tutorpedia's directors spend time getting to know each tutor's teaching style, personality, and strengths to ensure that our tutors are exceptionally qualified to teach.
You can get started now by using our online intake form. You can also call Sy Kim, our Academic Services Manager, at 415-948-1585 to talk about your needs and to get a specific recommendation for a tutor that will be a good match for your child. Sy can also be reached by email at or through our online contact form. We are usually able to find an available tutor within 1-2 days.